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On May 1, 2017, Philip De Franco made the announcement in a You Tube video that he has regained control of all of his properties (including the PDS) and is working towards building "The Philip De Franco Network", of which he is the founder and CEO.

De Franco began his You Tube career during his finals at East Carolina University when he created his sxephil You Tube channel, calling it The Philip De Franco Show, in which he talks about "newsie type stuff, and things that matter to [him] today." Before the You Tube partner program was available, he asked for donations from his viewers after claiming to have run out of money, and selling everything except his Mac, camera, and clothes, and overdrawing his bank account so he could spend a night in a hotel as he found it too scary sleeping in a car in Brooklyn.

born December 1, 1985) is an American You Tube personality.

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De Franco also created various other You Tube channels, including Philly D (registered as Philip De Franco), a personal vlog and behind-the-scenes channel, and Source Fed, a Google-funded You Tube Original Channel focused on news and pop culture.

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Source Fed spawned a spinoff channel, Source Fed Nerd.

In 2013, De Franco sold his channels to Discovery Digital Networks.

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