Whos been dating hannah waterman

Daughter Sophie, played by Contessa Treffone, mars her promising jujitsu career when she does something unexpected during her attempt at a black-belt.

There’s plenty of uncomfortable flirting between Hannah and her boys, most of which revolves around her physically threatening them in some way.When you’re about to go on stage, how do you get into character? Well, there’s definitely a touch of Margaret Thatcher about Mrs Crumb; she has a pink two-piece suit and a stiff hairdo.Luckily, I have a huge wig to help me get into character. It’s a quick-paced, great piece of kids’ theatre, and there’s something in it for the adults, too.The plot may sound a little banal but Higginson describes the play as one of the funniest and most poignant he knows.Treffone credits the writer with “an incredible ability to observe and really extract what is not only human and relatable, but is raw and heartfelt and funny.” It’s the first time performing at the Ensemble for Treffone, Higginson and Waterman and they consider the intimate space perfect for the insular setting of the play.

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