Who is lucero dating

Social media star best known for her account jazminejlucero, where she has earned over 2.6 million fans. She was friends with actor Wilmer Valderrama before she entered the Vine scene.In 2017 she went on tour with the band Why Don't We. She has three brothers, Justice, Jaden, and Jacob, and a sister named Paulina.She released her first album in 1982 titled Musart Records.Later she went on to release another album in 1984 titled Te Prometo, and Con tan pocos años.Her image is clean and tries to stay out of scandals, but a recent photo leak has shocked the industry and entertainment enthusiasts that have painted Lucero in a negative light.Mexican tabloid magazine TVNotas released an article that included leaked photos of the 44-year-old actress hunting wild animals with her millionaire boyfriend, Michel Kuri.Pantene decided to drop her as a spokesperson for one of their shampoo ads, and she might not even be able to perform at the Viña Del Mar Festival in Chile! And what's even more messed up is that some of the images were actually altered to look like she had red blood on her face, so she says.

She thus starred in her first telenovela in 1982 which was produced by Valentín Pimpstein titled Chispita dubbed as Little Spark in English.Her hunting photos go against what the festival represents.Plus, being dropped by a huge beauty brand, like Pantene, can hurt her with other brands.She might be telling the truth, but I still wouldn't want to be in her shoes.As for the Viña Del Mar Festival, the mayor of the Chilean city, Virginia Reginato, wasn't just surprised by the photos but is considering banning Lucero from the event.

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