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Pantene decided to drop her as a spokesperson for one of their shampoo ads, and she might not even be able to perform at the Viña Del Mar Festival in Chile! And what's even more messed up is that some of the images were actually altered to look like she had red blood on her face, so she says.

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"The festival should always be an instance where art can express the best of a human being and their content should call on for peace, unity and harmony." I guess I could understand them wanting to drop Lucero from the festival.

Social media star best known for her account jazminejlucero, where she has earned over 2.6 million fans. She was friends with actor Wilmer Valderrama before she entered the Vine scene.

In 2017 she went on tour with the band Why Don't We. She has three brothers, Justice, Jaden, and Jacob, and a sister named Paulina.

Tipped off by the publication, Lucero released a statement the night before the photos became public.

"I am very hurt and I find it incredible that they stole photos of my personal life for publication," she said.

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