Weed dating minnesota

She saw a gap in the matchmaking market — nobody was catering to cannabis consumers.“There’s so much stigma and judgment when it comes to cannabis, especially when it comes to dating,” she said.“There’s so many images that don’t apply, like the lazy stoner stereotype. I wanted to service my favorite community and offer a service nobody else was offering.”Cannabis can provide an elevated shared experience. In fact, when she and her husband were getting to know each other, cannabis was a key component in building a deeper connection.

Molly is doing her part by trying to create more “cannabis power couples” to show the world that weed can greatly enhance the depth of personal connections in relationships — an admirable goal, to be sure.

Until you’re ready to take the leap and enlist the service of a professional like Molly, it seems the best method for finding the good stuff is the same as finding weed pre-legalization — asking “that one friend who knows what’s up” to make an introduction and see where it goes from there.

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