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She has been a member of our club for nine months already and has finally given the nod to post her first time experience.It was during the summer holiday when I was 18 years old, my sister Anne and I were board out of our minds begging our parents to go somewhere for some fun.She has a dominant presence when she enters a room, all us girls who are into girl-on-girl pleasure ask her regularly to consider sex with us, but up until Saturday, no one had the pleasure until she spent the night with Emma and I.

I slowly peered around the corner of the stable and saw jenny talking to one of the farm dogs, a Border collie named Conan.For a moment I thought I heard wrong so I stayed put and listened closer but was shocked at what I heard“Let’s go lover boy, I don’t have as much time as usual, gotta get back to the house”She sat on a bale of hay and leaned back onto one elbow as she spread her legs.She then pulled her skirt up, exposed her pussy to dog and smiled at him“Here boy, have at it”Dog went forward and started licking her pussy.I whispered to myself“What the hell are you doing Jen?I hope you’re not gonna…”Before I could finish the thought, Jenny turned around and kneeled in front of the bale of hay with her arms on top of it.

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