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Dog obviously did this before because he didn’t hesitate to mount her.

I watched Jenny grab dog cock between her legs and guide it into her pussy.

After Jenny left the room, my aunt told us that she was a bit concerned about Jenny as she had become a bit withdrawn and wasn’t interested in going out with her friends or boys and pretty much kept to herself lately.

We told my aunt that we would try have some fun with her to get her out of her shell again.

She has been a member of our club for nine months already and has finally given the nod to post her first time experience.

It was during the summer holiday when I was 18 years old, my sister Anne and I were board out of our minds begging our parents to go somewhere for some fun.

That evening we had a wonderful meal but my aunt was a bit sad from missing my uncle (her husband) who died less than a year before.

We spent some time remembering and discussing uncle Frank until Jenny decided to go to bed.

I hope you’re not gonna…”Before I could finish the thought, Jenny turned around and kneeled in front of the bale of hay with her arms on top of it.I followed the sound of her voice until I came to a small stable and could tell Jenny wasn’t alone, but who was she talking to?I slowly peered around the corner of the stable and saw jenny talking to one of the farm dogs, a Border collie named Conan.Finally my father couldn’t take it anymore and agreed to send us to my aunt’s farm for a two weeks.Anne and I were pleased, we both enjoyed the farm as my aunt had a beautiful house, a pool, horses and we enjoyed my cousin Jenny’s company, she was is a fun-loving adventurous girl who usually got us into trouble (the fun kind).

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