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During that period, an older build of the directory was visible to the public.

On January 13, 2007, the Site Suggestion and Update Listings forms were again made available.

There were about 7330 active editors during August 2006.

that prevented editors from working on the directory until December 18, 2006.

Skrenta had developed TASS, an ancestor of tin, the popular threaded Usenet newsreader for Unix systems.The site's interface was given an upgrade in 2016, branded "DMOZ 3.0" but AOL took it offline the following year.As DMOZ became more widely known, two other major web directories edited by volunteers and sponsored by and Zeal emerged, both now defunct.Don’t send money to tide someone over after a mugging or robbery, and don’t do anyone a favor by making an online purchase or forwarding a package to another country.One request leads to another, and delays and disappointments will follow.

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