Ways to look intimidating dating etiquete

“If you want to be less intimidating, take practical steps that rework your image in another way using things like body language, emails, less curtness in interactions etc.” One strategy you can try is to take a little more time with each workplace interaction than you normally would.“You don’t need to be a sap,” says Popp, “but you can take a moment to listen and think about how your behaviour affects others and how you are being perceived.” She warns “not to swing too far the other way,” though, because it could seem disingenuous if you’re suddenly interested in every little detail of people’s lives if you weren’t before.Sometimes, assertiveness can go too far and can make people feel afraid to state their opinion and contradict you.

She also points out that self-awareness is critical to personal growth, so knowing exactly which of your actions is making others uncomfortable will be worth it in the long run..

Remember to toss in a sincere compliment here and there as well.

Tell him how considerate he is, or that he seems to be in shape.

Don't try too hard to cover all of your imperfections.

Men will find you less intimidating if you loosen up and show a bit of vulnerability, suggests Paige.

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