Vista rss feeds not updating

Vista and Windows 7 users who want the news delivered direct to their desktop can use gadgets available for the Vista side-bar.

Most of them use the Internet Explorer 'Common Feeds'.

For example, the News RSS feed updates every time a news story is added to

Where a feed is available, you will see a small orange symbol with a 'loudspeaker' style logo on it, as displayed just above this text.Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a family of web formats used to publish frequently updated digital content.It has commonly been used to update news articles and other content that changes quickly, making it useful for monitoring station observation changes.A number of news readers are available for you to download, many at no cost. News readers vary slightly in how they look and act, so you may find yourself testing several before settling on one. The Elizabethtown Emmaus Community offers one RSS feed that is updated as Community News and Events occur.To subscribe to RSS feed from, simply select the way you want to view the feed; currently XML, Google, or Yahoo; at the bottom of this page.

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