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So if you don’t want to hear any negatives about vin dicarlo pandoras box, please hit the back button now.

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I’m going to be giving you guys some good inside information here before you even grab a copy yourself.

More recently, he’s brought out some new material under the title “Pandora’s Box.” It’s a series of video and ebooks based on an interesting premise: that there exist eight fundamental types of women, which require drastically different approaches when it comes to game.

Pandora’s Box has been one of the most talked about PUA products for several years now due to it’s incredible insights into the art of pickup.

But the notion that different women need to be treated differently is important, and skimmed over in many beginning PUA books, and Di Carlo deserves kudos for attacking that notion head on.

And by teaching his students to read targets early in the set and make adjustments, Di Carlo is helping them to hone some vital fundamentals, which should pay off in the long term whether or not you fully agree with his typology.

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