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Unlike the human, she appears constantly sleepy and her way of speaking is much less natural sounding.

As an AI she also appears unusually calm and unfazed, even during her own execution, which is very different from the human Chiaki's much more human and painful reaction.

Chiaki also wears thigh highs the same color as her jacket and pink shoes.

She is seen wearing a white bikini swimsuit during Chapter 2.

Chiaki is very calm and she once mentioned that she has never screamed.

She often helps Hajime Hinata during Class Trials and provides important points.

She also feels a bit uncomfortable around animals, because they're unpredictable and feel warm when touched, which is "a bit scary" in her opinion.Nearly five months later, it seems that idea has stuck, as Brice tweeted an new image of the game with the message "Chucklefish back to work!"While Brice has been tweeting out last month that showed the beginnings of a level creator and unit movement.However, she truly does care about and wants to protect everyone.She dislikes killing more than anything and she gets very serious about the topic.

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