Validating and restoring defense in depth using attack graphs

Di-ku's name was not seen in ZUO ZHUAN, The ancient version of THE BAMBOO ANNALS had no entry on Lord Di-ku.

The name 'Hou-ji' then became a standard title as the "agriculture minister".In YAO DIAN of SHANG SHU, Lord Yao was said to have conferred Hou-ji the last name of 'Ji1', i.e., the Yellow Lord's character 'ji1', meaning origin in one way of interpretation.Confucius purportedly had commented on the story of the You-ji[1]-shi clan.This was in a similar context of Lord Yao's conferring the ancient Fiery Lord's Jiang surname onto another minister called by Si-yue or the four mountains' oblation minister.Here, we have a case of the double Ji characters [ji1 versus ji4 ] as well as a case of the double agricultural minister identities ['tian-zheng ji' Zhu, a Lie-shan-shi son, versus Hou-ji the Zhou ancestor].

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