Usps shipping status not updating

Shopify has already updated your email templates to include a link that points your customers to their order status page.

Your next steps are: Since you have customized one or more of your Order confirmation or Shipping notifications templates, Shopify can't automatically update the templates for you without overwriting all your customizations.

To test your checkout and order status page: If you notice anything unusual, there could be a conflict between custom code from a third-party app. You can find their information by searching for the app's name in the Shopify App Store.

The Additional scripts box is used to insert code into the template for your order status page.

You can add any of the following: Shopify validates (checks for syntax errors) only your Liquid code in the Additional scripts box. Please be careful with the code you add here and understand that this will change the behavior of your store's checkout.

At this time, USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, and Canada Post are the only shipping carriers that fully support the new order status page.

You'll need to make sure they are ready to automatically send the order status URL to your customers.

The order status page does not yet fully support any shipping carriers other than USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, DHL Express, and Canada Post.

Unlike supported carriers, the order status will not be displayed, and the pin on the map will not update in real time.

The order status page supports partial fulfillments, or orders that you fulfill with multiple shipments.

Once enabled, customers can add a phone number or email address on the order status page.

To enable the order updates opt-in: If you add any code to the Additional scripts box, such as tracking pixels or custom code from a third-party app, you can test your checkout experience by placing a test order.

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