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For the following year I was on a roller coaster not knowing where I was going or what I was doing. Then one day my daughter brought in a magazine she had picked up from her doctors surgery.It told about Professor Dasgupta and his research into PMR and GCA.Then I asked to see a consultant rheumatologist to see what support I could get.This was even worse, I was told to `hike` them up if I was bad and drop them down if I felt better. I went privately and after a review my insurance company refused to pay his fees and told me to look for someone else, but who.These were thankfully showed nothing sinister and I succumbed to the steroids.I started on 20 mgs a day and within 24 hours I bounced out of bed like a spring chicken.So I wrote to him offering my body and soul for his research. That one telephone call changed my life dramatically.

Then in December 2005 I suffered a slight stroke, and at my review in January my consultant put me on Aspirin, a blood pressure lowering tablet and Simvastatin to lower my cholesterol.

At first I thought it was my PMR flaring up again and upped my steroids until my Rheumatologist realized that my problems were related to the drugs not the PMR.

I have had to go back up on my steroids to level things out and have agreed to try Methotrexate.

He put on a steroid reduction programme which worked fantastically and I was down to 2.5mg and feeling great.

Unfortunately, In August 2008 I suffered another mild stroke, the tablets they put me on caused major problems.

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