Updating old telephones

I will complete the work then sent you an Email bill with the total and a link so you may pay with a Postal money order.With a postal money order I will ship it the day I cash the money order.

updating old telephones-61

The shelf, black cone mouthpiece, crank (remove this by turning it counter clockwise) and batteries you need to keep! If you plan to keep the original receiver keep it too! This will allow the phone to ringer and I will clean and calibrate the dial and replace the receiver cord.

In older hard-wired phones, one wire (black) from the ringer was attached to the G terminal on the network, where it met the yellow wire in the line cord.

At the terminal block, green and yellow wires were put on the same "G" screw to connect to the green wire in the wall.

The telephone did not come this way and the stress on the old telephone is too great.

The door was designed to open once a year to change the battery.

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