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Whether you choose to use the same certificate for all services or dedicate a certificate for each service depends on your organization and the service you're implementing.

Here are some things to consider about each option: We recommend that you use a dedicated third-party certificate for any optional AD FS server, another certificate for the Exchange services for your hybrid deployment, and if needed, another certificate on your Exchange servers for other needed services or features.

The services that are installed on a single server may require that you configure multiple fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) for the server.

You should purchase a certificate that allows for the maximum required number of FQDNs.

Certificates enable each Exchange organization to trust the identity of another.

Certificates also help to ensure that each Exchange organization is communicating to the right source.

This Customer Number will also ensure that only you can access your patent application information. If you already have a Customer Number and you would like to update the information associated with that number, please download and complete the Customer Number Data Change form [PDF] and fax it to the Electronic Business Center at 571-273-0177.

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The certificate used for hybrid secure mail transport must be installed on all on-premises Mailbox (Exchange 2016 and newer), and Mailbox and Client Access (Exchange 2013 and older) servers.

Many newer versions of major browsers may not support Java Applet Plugin.

Digital Certificate Management with Java Web Start is an alternative method which requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on the system, with Web Start launcher (javaws) configured to process downloaded JNLP files, either by file extension or by file content type.

These include but are not limited to customer submission and access issues as well as general assistance with the various e-Commerce systems.

Systems that are supported include EFS-Web, Public and Private PAIR.

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