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Sekiguchi claims they created these characters in order to inspire respect and love in the young (Japanese) children and adults, their name is derived from the words "Mon" which translates to "Mine" in French and "Chichi" which closely resembles the sound a child's pacifier would produce according to Japanese phonetics, also the resulting word has a similar sound to the word "Monkey" in English.

The dolls were successful in Japan, and the animated TV series, Futago no Monchhichi (ふたごのモンチッチ, Monchhichi Twins) which ran in 1980, helped increase its popularity even further.

I remember watching this shortly before returning to ABS-CBN for whatever cartoon was to be shown at 4 PM.

One of the animes I could rewatch without getting sick of it.

But, if these don’t make you reminiscent of your childhood, you’re from another generation or the planet Namek.

You won’t find all your favorite cartoons on this list.

Four television series were produced based on the characters: The Japanese anime series Monchhichi Twins in 1980, produced by Tokyo 12 Channel (now TV Tokyo), the American cartoon series Monchhichis in 1983, produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, the French cartoon series Kiki, le Kiki de tous les Kiki in 2001, produced by Ben-J Productions, and Monchhichi The Monchhichi franchise is held by the Sekiguchi Corporation, a famous doll company, located in Tokyo, Japan.

Yup, I played tex with my brothers against the neighborhood boys, but I also did what sensible little fangirls do – create an album collection to keep the good ones, especially Vincent portraits from creasing.Only Japanese imagination and Filipino dubbing could produce a stupid fun gadget as the . Re-screened several times throughout our childhood and for the benefit of the next generation, Mojacko is also one of the most-loved anime of all times on Philippine TV.Haven’t you already developed a soft spot for this round cuddly orange alien that talks and eats more than he breathes?Also other variants like Boutique (Monchhichi in various dress styles), Mother Care (Monchhichi with a young one in her front pocket), 40th Anniversary edition are available. When we published a list of cartoons that defined our childhood, many became so nostalgic that they looked for the cartoons or animes* they loved, some even missing the point of it being a list of “morning cartoons.” We completely understand. *wink* As all animes with magical creatures, Blink was special.

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