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Always stay true to your morals and values no matter how fast times change!!Even in this techno-savvy, fast paced world of ours where the next date seems like a swipe away, relying on your gut instincts will always be the truest barometer as to whether to proceed with someone or not.Benchmarks - When searching for a match, individuals are now making up profiles of must haves and deal breakers that they are ideally seeking in a partner so the odds of success are enhanced.Geography, religion, education, income, even height and hair color are considerations before an initial meet up happens.Though we may live in times where speed dating has replaced hand holding, inevitably people will always want to fall in love and feel loved as an endgame.

For those who are looking to enter into a relationship, expect courtship and protocols for communication to be totally different than they were in the '80s or even the '90s.

Millennium or not, there are still people out there who don't view intimacy as a full contact sport but rather as an expression of connectedness.

For the older group re-entering the dating world, don't be scared off and think that you need to get down to business right away.

In these times of immediate gratification, dating moves so rapidly from introduction to intercourse that there is barely time to determine whether you like each other let alone love each other.

Between the on-line dating sites and the apps available to us, people connect through a rapid fire whirlwind of options.

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