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In a time when there's a specific dating site for almost every micro-demographic (Farmers! ), I interviewed Yagan about what it’s like to manage so many distinct dating portals at once—and why he thinks everyone should be dating online. Sam Yagan: We sold Ok Cupid to Match in January of 2011.In September of 2012, I became CEO of all of Match, which is the operating segment of IAC that contains all of the dating properties. You want your cousins to do well, but you want to do better. And that's why I love Tinder so much is because that scratches my entrepreneurial itch.But if you can change the game—not make it about doing beautiful TV campaigns and charging people a month for a subscription—and create a new game, that game being one of "get customers to talk about you by word of mouth," use viral tactics, make it free. And that's what we did with Cliffs Notes versus Spark Notes. All of a sudden there was a competitor giving away their product for free. When someone comes in and changes the rules of the game, the incumbents can be put on their heels.Khazan: You became part of the incumbent, though, when you joined Match. Why would I sign up for Match if I could do OKCupid for free?Unlike a lot of businesses where it’s winner-take-all, dating is an emotional and intimate product.People care which app or what site they use to meet their significant other. We don’t own JDate, but there are people who really want to be in a culturally specific area. It really isn't a substitute for Match or Ok Cupid. You can only search for people in your immediate vicinity.There are things I want to do that don’t make sense for Ok Cupid to do because of their brand or their positioning that I can do on Chemistry or on Match. Khazan: It’s been written about you that you’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak. Yagan: I started my first company when I was in my college dorm as a senior with two of my really good friends. We consumed 30 percent of all the Internet traffic in Europe in 2002. Yagan: I’ve given this a lot of thought as I’ve gotten older.

Yagan: What we learned from Spark Notes in particular—everyone knew Cliffs Notes, everyone used Cliffs Notes.

Yagan: My worldview about how competition works is still the same.

The reason Ok Cupid took its approach is that Match was very good at its approach.

In terms of how I think about it in my head, all of our businesses compete in the marketplace. All of our brands want to win, but we certainly want to fight fair and coordinate as much as we can behind the scenes. What Cliffs Notes was when I was growing up was basically what Spark Notes is now. It’s awesome that in one gig, I can both work on my original baby, work on Match, which is by far the biggest brand, and still get that entrepreneurial passion with Tinder.

But to the consumer we want to offer the broadest, most competitive set of products that we can. Then I started a company called Edonkey, which was basically Napster for video. Khazan: Was there anything in your childhood or early adulthood that encouraged you to be more inclined toward entrepreneurship?

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