Speed dating hong kong english

Cindy sent Speed Dating HK a whatspp massage and said Thank You for helping her finding a boyfriend.She also introduced a lot of her single friends, who are nurses to join Speed Dating HK's event. John, a 30-year-old man, is working as a financial accountant. However he is lack self-confidence when facing women so he only dated one lady before during his time in the university.He remained singled since he was breaking up with his girlfriend four years ago.Sam likes children very much and his mother hoping him to get married soon.He therefore decided not to let time passes and take some actions.Sam joined an speed dating dinner organized by Speed Dating HK. Consultants spent a lot of time to understand his background, characters and his expectations on his life time partner.Finally, they decided to become boyfriend and girlfriend.

The pre-screen matching process in "One on One Dating" greatly improves the success rate.

We fully understand there are many first time joiners in speed dating activities , therefore they are feeling nervous inevitably.

Therefore we want to create a relaxed atmosphere by add many ice-breaking games to warm up every participant.

So her friends encouraged Cindy to participate in Speed Dating events.

Cindy found herself so nervous at the beginning given it was her first time joining this kind of activities.

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