Smooth radio f m dating

Listen on your HD-enabled radio at 98.1 HD2 and online here.

Smooth Jazz KIFM is also streamable now in its own BRAND NEW APP, available in the Google Play and Apple store.

She is a unique and outstanding broadcaster who plays a massive part in smooth fm’s rise to the Sydney’s #1 FM station. Blue Water Grill in Hornsby How do you have your coffee?

Long black with a splash of cold skim milk What was the last concert or show you went to?

Bogart has helped pave the way for women on FM radio but has never seen gender as a hurdle. Sting or Stevie nicks Favourite weekend getaway spot? smooth fm’s success as the number #1 fm station in Sydney is due in large part to Glenn and Bogart’s incredible ability to connect with their audience.

A few months after joining 2SM, Bogart was poached by adult contemporary FM music station Mix and is now very much at home on Smooth fm 95.3’s More Music Breakfast Show. As a child, Bobbin head point, you could picnic in the ground and be by the water Who was your favourite artist to interview?

Lugares limitados Las primeras 20 reservas son a 10 € .

Reservas en la oficina de Spectrum FM o en el restaurante Gauchos Laguna Village .

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BOGART Since joining smooth fm in November 2012, Bogart Torelli's soothing tones have been heard and loved throughout Sydney. He’s a three-time winner of Australian Commercial Radio’s Best News Presenter and won the Brian White Memorial Award for Excellence in Journalism in 2014.

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For years, the 'KIFM' call letters stood for Smooth Jazz in San Diego while the station was nationally-known and respected in Smooth Jazz circles.

Many Smooth Jazz stations patterned themselves after San Diego's historic Ki FM.

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