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By contrast, trans activists seem obsessed with policing and controlling others.They are humourless, divisive, hateful, god-awful bores who have inherited the very worst from their intersectional third-wave feminist antecedents and who seem more interested in laying down the law about pronouns than anyone’s health or welfare. I doubt I’m the only one, though these days you’re not allowed to say it out loud, even if you’re gay, or you’ll get attacked by the trans lobby in language far more ugly and obscene than anything I’ve heard from the supposedly bigoted reactionary Right.I promise, they’ll still be angry when you get back.

So stop taking us for granted and stop crapping on us just because we’re not going along with your latest fad.Gay people, liberated from the constraints of what the feminists call “heteropatriarchal norms,” should be joyfully and exuberantly pushing boundaries – not watching their speech, lest they incur the wrath of some tack-spitting cross-dresser.There’s an argument to be made that the whole trans project is inherently and deeply homophobic, because it tells young gay men that they can’t have certain mannerisms or be attracted to other men without needing surgery to become women. I’ve met some trannies with a lovely sense of humour, and they’re just as upset about their public representatives as I am.Gay men are where Mother Nature makes some of her boldest experiments and achieves some of her greatest successes.Alexander the Great, Alan Turing, Freddie Mercury, me.

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