Senior voyeurs chat

Founder Kevin Lewis, 66, wed to second wife Judith, 42, is also building a £1.6million home in Hove, East Sussex.

“These workers should be focusing on the important job at hand, rather than ‘diversifying their business’ online.

If they want to change trades, they should do so.” Caremark boss Kevin Lewis said: “I can’t believe that’s true.

There are people coming and going all the time.” When shown a clip of the webcam, he added: “We’re not making any comment.” Rebecca also said yesterday: “I have nothing to say.” CAREMARK’S CEO paid himself £1.5million over three years and owns a £400,000 yacht.

Rebecca also communicated with punters via a rolling message window.

Laughing about her pals behind her, she said: “They keep peeking over at you haha.” She also indicated a worker visiting from another branch was a performer as well.

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