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He also was active in a variety of other beach and country club sports, including triathloning, tennis, golf, surfing and even snow skiing.

The story goes that he had no intention of becoming an actor when he was younger, but inadvertently “got pulled into it” at the age of 15 when he went to pick up a brother, who was doing an audition at a local studio in their home city of Sydney.

Kwanten credited that “family” as being a major part of the “recipe” for the show’s success, which he is “grateful” for, but could never have predicted.

“You can never quite know how an audience is going to react, and I think it was perhaps the right place at the right time, kind of thing,” Kwanten said.

"I think that everyone has this dreamer inside of them and whether they choose to embrace or suppress, I feel like it's in there. What if someone chose to embrace that inner dreamer?

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"Just honing in on those differences and then as the two worlds collided, finding a balance between the two." What superpowers would he like to possess? For me, a great superpower would be to somehow convey whatever imagination I could conjure up in my small, little head that could then transpire into real life." The "True Blood" star talked about the past season of the hit HBO show.The Aussie-born Kwanten revealed to The Wrap he actually prefers “running, swimming, or hiking” over all of the “grunting, and looking in the mirror” involved in going to a gym. Now Kwanten is nearing full-on global A-List status and, here, he models high-fashion attire exclusively for DA MAN.Jacket and denim pants by Burberry, shirt by Emporio Armani, tie by The Tie Bar, shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo Interestingly, that was shot in 2001 in Australia, so most of the cast, including Kwanten, were young Australian actors putting on American (specifically, Texan) accents.That was actually Kwanten’s first up-close brush with Hollywood and if you look at his career trajectory, one could surmise that it was the turning point in his career.

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