Rachael cantu liz feldman dating

Feldman is perhaps best known for her lesbian-themed vlog on Afterellen.com, entitled This Just Out, which ran from May 2008 until July 2009; 3 extra episodes Oct/Nov 2010.

Whitney, also a brilliant person, is busy working on her other network sitcom, “Whitney,” for NBC.

Working with Michael Patrick King is an actual dream that has come true.

I have seen every episode of, and I remember watching it so many years ago and just relishing in how well written it was. v=hr3FXTio TIo’] Are Whitney & MPK hands on with the show, day-to-day and writing episodes?

She released her short film "My First Time Driving", which was directed by her sister Rebecca Feldman.

Liz Feldman had a recurring role on NBC's The Jay Leno Show as one of Jay's comedy correspondents. In May 2012, Feldman became engaged to singer-songwriter Rachael Cantu and they were married in May 2013.

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