Problems with updating nvidia drivers

So, I went back to the site, and tried to install an earlier version of drivers, and also got the same message. The only thing I can think of is, is that I uninstalled something I shouldn't have, but the directions on their site told me to do so. My system specs are: Windows XP Athlon XP 2500 Barton Asus a7n8x v2.0 deluxe motherboard (n Vidia n Force2 Ultra400) 512mb Corsair XMS pc3200 memory n Vidia Ge Force FX 5200 (Asus V9520 Magic) graphics card edit: I just ran a program called Everest on my computer, which gives you detailed specs about your PC, and I might of found something that may be useful, under chipset problems, it said "AGP is disabled.

That said, I have successfully updated my drivers 2 or 3 times without error before on this machine with this graphics card, and I never uninstalled anything, so I'm thinking that is probably the problem? This may cause performance penalty." and "Current AGP speed is lower than maximum supported. Unless those reasons apply to you, you shouldn't update if you can help it. Go into Folder options and ensure you select that all hidden/system files can be viewed.

The misfiring upgrade has sparked howls of protests from netizens on the Nvidia forums and elsewhere.

The issue stems from a push-me-pull-you conflict between Windows Update and Nvidia’s own driver and software management tool, Nvidia Ge Force Experience.

Somewhere in there you should be able to enable 8x. Open Display properties Just right-click on your desktop and select properties...

According to a recently received comment from Microsoft: “This issue has been addressed and customers with Windows Update will receive the update.” So running Windows Update again and rebooting should fix it.

It has been awhile since I have updated my video card drivers, that's why I was updating.

And to hopefully get DX 9.0c support, but that is a whole different issue. Peruse it and see if you recognize your older version. any case, it may be beneficial to take a few step backwards from the latest version.makai OK guys, here is the deal.

Forbes reports that the latest driver version, 353.54, is only available through Windows Update, it isn't very stable, and yet Windows 10 installs it anyway automatically.

Nvidia Ge Force Experience tries to downgrade the software to an earlier stable version (353.30), but is blocked by Windows 10, leaving users with broken systems.

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