Ovation serial dating

Charles Kaman, still an avid guitar player, became interested in making guitars.

From 1966 to 2007 Ovation guitars, and later on Adamas guitars, were a brand of KMCMusicorp, which itself was a subsidiary of Kaman Aircraft. production of various acoustic guitars in the New Hartford factory.

Serial numbers for Ovation guitars typically appear on paper labels inside the body of the guitar visible through each instrument's sound hole. They also often contain the model of the guitar and the location of its manufacture.

Continue Reading Ovation makes it easy for a guitar owner to determine the manufacture date of his guitar.

Adamas models, which were first manufactured in 1977, have a different numbering system.This unit provides volume knob, 3-band equalizers, tune button, LED display, and is a standard on entry-models (Celebrity and Applause in 2011–2012).Ovation guitar design reflects its founder's engineering training and development of Kaman helicopters.The introduction and promotion of the first Ovation was closely associated with two performing artists, the blues-performer Josh White and the country-music singer Glen Campbell.In 1965-1967, the Ovation Guitar Company produced a signature guitar for Josh White, which was the first signature guitar made for an African American.

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