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Now you look OK you meet the chick even if you can't say much to each other just be funny.You Thai girls are easily amused and it doesn't take much a good 20 minute time waster that makes her laugh is farm animal noises.While I'm still 15 years away from being 50 most of the people I know personally that in Thailand age doesn't mean a thing.A lot of the mail i get from this site comes from guys over 50 so after a few thousand conversations i've got to know the difficulties that guys have shared with me, as well as how they have resolved them.Before you meet make sure your cleaned up, your hair is cut and you are freshly shaved but that depends on what she likes, some girls like facial hair some don't so know your girl first.

Always give yourself a 3 year buffer with age because A Thai girls are never straight with their age in most cases they always add or subtract a year.Would you go on a date in the west looking like that I don't think so so why would meet up with some teen in Thailand dressed like that.Wear shoes, always wear shoes, firstly it stops your feet from cracking and in these girls live on a budget of 6-10,000 a month so just by wearing a pair of sneakers costing 2000 baht your elevating yourself in her eyes.The girl your looking for isn't a city girl so she would probably not be very exposed to Farang.You don't have to be fluent but learning enough to cover you 2 hours will be plenty she can more than likely read your emails so it is only a 2 hour meeting before you hook up that you have to talk. Meeting Thai Girls If you are 60 and one of the girls with the above requirements agrees to meet with you the hard work is over. I get with 95% of the girls I meet up with off the dating sites because I don't go for maybes.

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