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Welcome to Chat Dublin, the list of Chat Hour members in Dublin.

Chat wherever you are with your cell phone Internet pretending to be lesbian women for cheap thrills etc..Not that we have ever done this but from observing the dialogue of others we have picked up on this... Always be careful in choosing which pickup line to use as it also depends on the age of your relationship. More for amusement than anything else, I am in a relationship and am very happy with my partner, however we do log on together sometimes if we are bored and it is a jungle out there..

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    You know, it didn’t even occur to me to just mention it, because I just read the script and thought, “wow what a beautiful love story.” So it didn’t occur to me, I didn’t even mention it, and when we were rehearsing and working on it and, for me, if I’m with a stranger if it’s a guy or a woman it’s the same [laughs]… You would hope that’d be the case for people, so being in a love scene with a guy or woman honestly, that I don’t know, is the same.

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    Video Sharing- Share you-tube videos in our chat room, it’s the easy way to dedicate your favorite songs to your friends and other new strangers in the chat room.

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    However, the main advantage of the site is that it connects you directly to other users, and that you have the option to select them by sex.

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