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Admission and graduation requirements will depend on the applicant's prior education and professional background.

At the undergraduate level, there is the traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program for high school graduates, transfers and current UK students.

Nursing is one of the country’s largest professions.

The field is also extremely diverse, covering a variety of specialties as well as career paths.

In the decades since, it's become a trailblazer in nursing education with the country's first Doctor of Nursing Practice program and Kentucky's first Ph D nursing program.

Besides taking advantage of the school's extensive experience - which has resulted in first-time NCLEX pass rates in excess of 97 percent for 10 years running - aspiring nursing students have the option of enrolling in a variety of programs.

For students who hold an associate in nursing, are currently employed in the field and/or have family obligations, traditional campus courses may not be possible.

Fortunately, many universities offer online nursing degree programs.

UAB's School of Nursing offers robust scholarship, traineeship and fellowship programs, including a Nurse Faculty Loan Program that cancels up to 85% of a doctoral nursing student's school debt if they work as a full-time nurse faculty member at an accredited post-secondary nursing program after graduation.For those with prior experience, such as military veterans and registered nurses, there are the RN-BSN and Med Vet-BSN programs.Depending on the student's prior professional and educational background, they can obtain their BSN in as little as five semesters.Recently, nurse training has experienced an evolution, embracing online learning as a reputable form of education.The following guide serves as an overview of online nursing programs, degree options, and curricula, as well as career opportunities.

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