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ONI has conducted testing for Internet filtering in Burma each year since 2005.

Prior to 2012, all instances of testing in Burma found pervasive blocking of web content, particularly critical political content, Burmese opposition websites, and independent media sites: Other forms of information controls beyond Internet filtering have also been extensively documented in Burma.

Almost all of the websites of opposition political parties, critical political content, and independent news sites previously found to be blocked were found to be accessible during 2012 testing.

Also found blocked were gambling websites, online dating sites, sex education, and gay and lesbian content.

A number of sites categorized as “Internet Tools” were also found blocked, including web censorship circumvention tools like Proxify ( and filesharing services like the recently closed BTJunkie (

Only 5 of the 541 tested URLs categorized as political content were found to be blocked: It is not clear why these sites remain blocked despite the significant decrease in filtering of other political content.

Since ONI began testing for Internet filtering in 2002, the practice has become a de facto global norm, with over 40 countries found to have engaged in filtering of online content.

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