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Also pictured are L'Wren's mother Lula, father Ivan, brother Randall and sister Jan.

The picture was taken in the mid 60s 'But she had this dream of being this famous model, designer to the stars, to Michelle Obama.

'Our childhood was perfect, I couldn't have asked for better parents.

They did anything they could for us, never wanted for anything, we knew we were loved, taken care of, home was safe for us.

Now it was like "I've done what I want to do, and now I want to start a family." Yes, 50 is kind of old to start a family, but you can adopt.'She had hanged herself while the Rolling Stones frontman was on tour in Australia, leaving him 'completely shocked and devastated.' In a tribute Tuesday he said he was 'still struggling to understand' the tragic decision his love and best friend felt she needed to make.

However, she spoke very fondly of her younger sister and said she wished they had been closer but their lives were so starkly different - her a small town Mormon wife married to a garbage man, L'Wren a glamorous model and designer dating the most famous rock star in the world.

Kelly said that this ideal is 'consistent with Mormon rape culture, where the burden is put on women and girls to fend off sexual advances with forethought and planning, but men are often pitted as victims of the sexual advances of women and girls'.

Our parents were always there for all of us all the time.

However, the couple don't believe the million L'Wren's crumbling business owed to creditors would have driven her to suicide because 'in her world, that wasn't a lot of money' and she had recently enlisted the financial help of her brother Randal Bambrough who was 'really, really smart with money.' Family: Jan Shane, 53, left, and her husband Rob Shane, right, told Mail Online Tuesday that their estranged sister and sister-in-law, L'Wren Scott, was distraught she couldn't have children of her own 'I know deep down she wanted a family and kids, and I think she deeply wanted it and couldn't get it.

I think it bothered her,' Jan, a mother-of-seven, said from her Sandy, Utah, home just miles from where the family grew up.

Sometimes it felt like she chose her career over her family.

Another cheerleader expressed her outrage about the situation, telling People that 'it's giving this boy power that when he grows up and does something to a girl, he can blame it on her skirt being too short.

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