Married men dating female inmates

He remembered the number and took it to the prison chaplain and the chaplain let him call me.]So this chaplain, is that normal protocol for him to let you call somebody who used to work there? The chaplain knew I was a good person and I wasn't fired for anything of ill nature.

He basically was friends with Robert and wanted Robert to have a good life and if Robert wanted to call someone — and that's the first time he ever asked to call anybody — he was gonna let him do it. The first time was just to let her know that I had got the number and that I would be in touch with her later.

Were you feeling like you were trying to kind of ensure against infidelity by doing that? The other person, they're only getting that body for however long it takes for them to do what they gotta do and then it's over.

Jenee: And it wasn't so much a fight; I put up with it because I married him. I felt bad going to get a drink at Applebee's or something. Now she gets to see what I was like before I decided to turn to the bottle. We never saw them have a disagreement so I don't believe in letting my frustrations be seen in front of my child. OK, let's go to bed."Speaking of bed, how has your sex life changed since you got married?

So that's where I developed a momentary hate for him. I had to realize just because I had failed and made mistakes, I didn't have to stay there. Jenee: She doesn't see us fight and if we are mad at each other, we don't leave each other. We separate for a few minutes and then we come together. Actually, first, I want to know how it was in the beginning because you had this long tension between you.

The second time I called her, I [was going to be released] June the 13th, and I told her I wanted her to be with me on June the 14th.

So from June the 14th, 2002, up until this day, we've been together. So did you really just spend every moment together after that?

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