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Even through the Cat Stevens/weak Dylan years/Grass Roots "sooner or later" mustache-and-cocaine early-70s sound, you can't help but notice a cool batch of rockers that actually *rock*, slower piano-style ballads of sad characters and folky pop tunes about love and such. Last night my fiance' and I went to a Mexican restaurant with some dog run friends, we both got drunk as shit, started arguing over a bowl of ice cream of all unlikely things and finally I stormed out of the restaurant as she tried to give me the Vulcan shoulder-pinch thing (???

) and yelled down the road at me that I was a "fucking faggot." Eventually I realized that I was walking alone up Park Avenue (I had completely passed my home avenue) and missed my fiance'. I went home, called the restaurant and was told that she'd left already, then I took the dog outside to wait for her.

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We went to the dog run and loved each other with love. Has the world ever known a more sensitive and understanding man?

He can't sing at all, having a voice as tuneless as Bob Dylan's (though much smoother and less scraggly), but he writes a dandy melody and is generally successful at merging his lyrics and music to very effectively paint precise moods, be they dark, romantic, happy, depressed, drug-addicted, carefree, Mexican, constipated, angry at those fucking towelheads or whatever the hell else he's trying to convey.

So on with the show - ladies and gentlemen, Lou Peed! Well, not the entire band, but certainly Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman.

Pictures on the internet have recently surfaced with the two of them holding hands, hugging and kissing while attending a party given by Sean "Diddy" Combs. And in 2006 Lindsay still stayed skinny and still went out.

Is Samantha right for..were in a huge fight about aaron carter but then they made up and become freinds they probly dont see each other anymore because there not really doing anything big but they are not in a fight anymore hope that answers your quistion Well i dont know for sure her father wants her to make things right with God and so far she got her life together. And find him again i mean really eho knows but in a way thats there business.

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