Mandating school

I'd say if that day ever comes to America, we are no longer a nation that upholds the precious value of liberty and justice for all as we pledge.

Eighteen days after Christina received her final vaccine shot, she died.

(I know a family that this actually happened to, and after a legal investigation, it was discovered that not only was the medical treatment unnecessary, but harmaful to the child.) When the government interferes with medical decisions and treatments that are not in the best interest of those we love and care for, there is something totally amiss about mandatory control.

Mandatory control of controversial medical treatment is wrong. The net benefit of the HPV vaccine to a woman is uncertain as explained in multiple medical journal articles.

Getting Gardisil on the vaccine schedule has a two-fold risk - one, in some states it is mandated if the child is to attend public schools, and two, there is practically no recourse should an adverse event (up to and including death) occur as a result of the vaccine.

Once on the schedule, the manufacturer cannot be sued, and it must go through the just-as-biased-as-it-sounds Vaccine Court.

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