Mandating e verify

Of course, ICE would have to locate the person but that is still a worrying increase in enforcement coordination.

ATEVA does not resolve the real and persistent problems with E-Verify.

In the real world, E-Verify barely altered the wages of suspected illegal immigrants.

Employer avoidance of E-Verify’s is even more difficult to fix.Frequently, identity information comes from deceased Americans – a loophole the government seems incapable of closing.For instance, SSNs for roughly 6.5 million Americans who are 112 years old or older do not have a death date attached which means they can easily be used by illegal workers and nobody would complain.ATEVA makes prescreening illegal except with the expressed permission of the employee but we shouldn’t expect that to prevent unlawful prescreening by employers who don’t mind breaking labor market regulations in the first place.The second problem is that E-Verify is ineffective at detecting illegal immigrant workers and the system’s accuracy rates are notoriously difficult to judge.

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