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Given probation: Crystal Hunt (pictured), 29, a former Daytime Emmy Award nominee, has escaped prison after allegedly smashing a pint glass into another woman's face during a bar brawl in December 2013 Scene: Miss Hunt hurled the glass at the victim after a fight broke out at Pearl's Liquor Bar (pictured) in West Hollywood, prosecutors said.The unnamed woman suffered cuts to her face and required medical attention Successful: Yesterday, the actress (left and right) pleaded no contest to one count of felony assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury.Much of this information comes (unfortunately) from other women and thus, there are many misunderstandings about men and what motivates us. The problem however is that women don’t really know what that is! If you are a woman and you’re trying to use methods that address men’s need to hunt, but don’t know what it really is, then you’re very likely to do what my previous reader did – simply listen to other women’s mistaken beliefs and respond to those in a “me too” fashion.Let’s talk about what the hunt really is by using an actual hunt (for live game) as an example. There’s the “tracking and hunting” part, and then, there’s the kill.

Men still get a huge thrill from a successful hunt.

I even hear men that even spout it themselves without knowing any better, but when you actually witness what they do and ask them why – well, it’s exactly the opposite.

I’m in the “what really works” business, not the mass-think business.

However, what I’m really trying to do is to make it easier for you girls! Are you a man that wants to better experiences with women, or a woman that wants to better understand men? What if he's the type that wants women to come 2 him.

What you think are us playing games with you isn’t that at all. Remember: we’ve already spent all this time and effort hunting you down. ) to actually get the prize we were looking for, we’ll find other, easier prey. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Have a love, dating, sex or relationship question? What if he hasn't even distributed hunting tactics yet, he won't even initiate contact, unless u do so first. what kills me is when men try and act like women don't know them or have them figured out whatsoever, yet men act like they have us so figured out.

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