Hepatitis dating

Of course, whom you tell about your hepatitis C is up to you, but there are some people who really should know.

You should tell your family, your spouse, your sexual partners, and anyone else who might have caught the disease from you.

The survey found that about 74% of the people infected with hepatitis C believe that others think the disease only infects unhealthy people or drug addicts.The evolution of hepatitis B virus (HBV), particularly its origins and evolutionary timescale, has been the subject of debate.Three major scenarios have been proposed, variously placing the origin of HBV in humans and great apes from some million years to only a few thousand years ago (ka).They may be both worried about your health as well as their own. They may be unsure whether they'll need to take care of you.As you might imagine, these conversations -- and their aftermath -- don't always go smoothly.

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