Freesexchat how to send messages

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After you've purchased and downloaded the app, launch it.

You'll be prompted by Whats App to)receive notifications from the app each time you receive a text.

If your contacts don't load right away, try closing and re-launching the application. The Status section lets you create a custom message to let your friends know whether you're available to chat, and the chat section is where you'll go to start a new conversation with one of your Whats App contacts.

At the bottom of your list of Favorites, there's a function to invite friends to Whats App. The Settings tab lets you manage your profile, as well as add a profile picture.

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To send a video you've already recorded, first, make sure that Whats App has access to your saved photos and videos. Whats App will compress your video by lowering the quality so that it can be sent.

This keeps your data usage down while also making sure your video message can be sent within a reasonable amount of time.

After you're done recording, you can preview the video, and then choose to use it or retake it.

Once you download the app, you can send text, picture and video messages for free to anyone in any country.

Whats App uses the regular data plan on your phone rather than an extra add-on service like SMS.

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