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2 Using the Application is allowed only on the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

If the User doesn't accept the terms and conditions of the Agreement, they don't have the right to use the Application for any purpose.

Credit card companies don't make the distinction between those who want to buy marijuana for medical reasons and those who buy it for recreational purposes."Most merchant services companies do not want to accept credit card transactions from cannabis businesses," says Kristi Kelly, executive director of the Marijuana Industry Group, a non-profit trade organization for licensed cannabis businesses.

Discover and American Express confirmed they don't allow cardholders to buy medical or recreational marijuana.

5 The exclusive right for the Application belongs to the Copyright Owner.

7.2 The User doesn't have the right to launch and distribute the Application for commercial purposes including add it to collections of software products without prior written consent of the Copyright Owner.

Contact information should always include a toll-free phone number (digits, no letters) and an email address.

Billing Descriptor: This identifies you on the customer’s credit card statement.

If you don't accept the terms and conditions of this License Agreement, you don't have the right to use the Galaxy Application for any purpose.

License This License Agreement (“Agreement”) is concluded between the End User (“User”) and Best Cell Solutions LLC (“Copyright Owner”) that possesses the exclusive right for the Galaxy Application.

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