Free pee personals the problem with dating single moms

No shame in having this problem, not if you go to the doctors and get it fixed. I finally realized that it was going to get a lot worse before it got better, if it ever did, and decided I didn't want to be there when he hit rock bottom. For some reason, I found a thread simply entitled pee to be hilarious.

He had to stop drinking anything early in the evening or he would pee the bed. Ummmm..feelings SHOULD be hurt for peeing on my crap. Find guys who can either hold their liquor, or will spend the night at THEIR house so if they pee on something they can clean up their own mess. We broke up shortly afterward; I knew he had a drinking problem, but turned a blind eye for the most part because he was my kids Dad.

No, I spent an hour cleaning it up he can find out on his own time I have wasted enough of mine.yep, only time i saw this was in a fraternity house in college, where guys would get so drunk you're crossing your fingers that they wake up the next matter how much you want to rub their noses in it, so to speak, do the next gal they date a favor and don't tell them. Maybe after losing girlfriend after girlfriend, the jackass will figure out that he has a drinking problem, and maybe be motivated to do something about it. I would have made them clean it up and then kicked their sorry azzes out of my house. The peeing in the corner I assume is not being fully awake. Your body builds a tolerance to alcohol over time and allows you to drink more and raise your blood alcohol levels even higher. People have froze to death in northern regions from passing out drunk outside.

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Surprised that a man would sleep at your house knowing this would happen. I wouldn't hang around to long with these fellows Opie. Good to know I am not the only woman that has went through this. Oh, and no, it's not normal for adult men to be peeing in your bed or anyone else's.I would also like some advice on how to tell someone that this happened without hurting anyone's feeling. They've got be completely and utterly hammered beyond words to do that... It's one thing to clean up after a puppy, but a grown man. NO, it's not normal and if you choose to see either of them again, buy some Depends to keep on hand for when they sleep over. OPYou might want to watch the Dog Whisperer for his secrets for stopping making dogs "doing" in the house. You talking about grown, adult men peeing in their rooms! If you can't even talk about it then I suppose smacking them with a rolled up newspaper is out of the question. especially being so drunk they don't know their standing in a corner of your room instead of the bathroom. If I were you, I'd evaluate the type of men I bring home. That was a problem and as soon as he was sober enough to feel like shiit from the hangover, I made him clean not only the toybox, but anything that couldn't be sterilized inside the toybox, I made him replace. Our singles community is massive, and you're only a couple of clicks away from finding a date.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. As for every thing that could happen with a heavy drinker, I'd consider this getting off light. I'm bored, I'm rifling through threads and I see this. Now don't you think your body would wake yourself up if you were that suffocating, that cold, or had a train honking it's horn?

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