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Card Service Center: 800-472-3272 PLEASE NOTE that when you report a fraudulent transaction, you will be asked to: An Associate will provide the steps you need to take based on your particular situation. To report a Master Card Credit Card lost or stolen, or to report fraudulent activity, please call the Master Card Credit Card Lost/Stolen System at: 866-839-3485.To report a HELOC Credit Card lost or stolen, or to report fraudulent activity, please call the Card Holder Services partner at: 800-449-7228.If the commercials bandy about terms like FREE, UNLIMITED and WITHOUT PAYING while the ability to complete or be competitive within the game is walled off for those who don't dish dough (or even those who do! This isn't about games where all monetary elements are purely cosmetic, or they're minor enough that you could genuinely play the game for free and never miss them - say, removing adverts - then it doesn't belong here.This is for games that claim to be free, but players have to pay for a HUGE chunk of the content.When you visit any of our branches, you will be directed to an Express Sales phone in that branch.

Your employer can require that you receive your pay via Direct Deposit, but cannot require you to use a particular financial institution.

Please contact SCCU as soon as possible so that we may assist you in restoring your account.

Card Service Center: 800-472-3272 Also, when you enter an amount, Bill Payer Service automatically displays the earliest date the biller will receive the payment. The date must be a business day (no weekends or holidays) that is not more than a year in the future (or 365 days from today's date). Your card will be blocked to prevent fraudulent activity. Your Associate will discuss any further action to be taken on your part, if that is applicable to your situation.

Generally, you will have to complete a form that includes your name, SCCU's Routing Number, and the electronic account number for your SCCU account.

These fees apply only if you are doing a refinance for another financial institution or refinancing your SCCU loan to complete title changes.

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