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There are many other "red flags" but those above appear in almost every scam.

The most prominent is the fact that scammers don't really read your letters.

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(Doesn't it look similar to Jeff Peters' ad for you? Her financial situation is very bad - and she lets you know from the very beginning how little she earns, including the size of her salary even though you never asked about it (variant: she is a student).

In opposite, an honest woman will usually have distinctive requirements to her prospective partner, with the words "educated" and "financially secure" to be seen most often. Her letters are seldom regular like sunrise - she has some other responsibilities, and this is not her way of making a living!

Almost impossible that she says: "I love you", in anything earlier than 2-3 months (if ever!

The trick was that everybody who wanted to write to the lady had to pay 50 bucks to have his letter handled to Mrs. Money was pouring in, expenses had been covered, and the venture started to make profits - when police did arrive. Very happy with the presence of the real person and nice figure on the bank's balance, police officer was offered to have his letter handled to Mrs.

Nice Widow free of charge (honestly, I don't remember if he used this generous offer).

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