Find a ballroom dancer dating

I strongly advise you not to wear rings, wristwatches, bracelets or necklaces.Dress very lightly and in such a way that you are comfortable practically in any position.You can dress as you wish but please remember that I have to see the lines of your body.It means no long skirts, baggy shirts or baggy trousers, etc. Introductory, intermediate and advanced classes are available. People with heart problems, back problems or any other health problems that require monitoring of blood pressure or physical stress are advised to consult their physicians and carefully consider before joining the group.Advanced classes are a part of the Dance Club membership, which also includes Wednesday practices. In this way I can plan better for you and the others.If you want to cancel your membership, please let me know before the next month begins.

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Please call me in advance at 970-266-8249 to learn more about our classes and find out if there are openings available.

You can also give me the check personally in the ballroom by appointment.

Please note that while you are welcome to come to the start of the course and pay then, there is no guarantee that there will be an opening available for you at that moment.

Group classes meet every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Sunday, depending on the course, at the Masonic Temple (225 W. Private lessons are available per request and are tailored according to your individual needs. As long as you understand that my school is not a dating service, you are very welcome to join us.

The usual difficulty is in finding a partner for yourself.

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