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by David De Angelo Question: I am recently divorced and found myself having a hard time making connections with women after being in a 9-year relationship.

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You'll need to sit your guy down and discuss what you mean to him, if his other relationship is already over on an emotional or physical level and if the two of you have a future that doesn't include the label "mistress.

In short, what I'm trying to say is that I think understanding this area called "How to Attract Women" is a KEY to having a good relationship.

When you have that inner confidence and KNOWING, it makes you more attractive, period.

As a side note: I have met and know of guys who actually ENJOY picking up women who are out with other guys. And they've found that it's EASY, because most men are insecure, and most women don't want to be with a WUSS... What's the best thing to do when a guy is making his move on your girl? The best thing you can do in one of these situations is what you do BEFORE it ever happens... Take some time to imagine that you're in one of these situations, and notice the feelings you have.

and it's a combination of things: 1) Realize that there's nothing to be insecure and jealous about, and that these things only lead to fear and loss. Get yourself to the point where you can meet women in ANY situation, this way you always know DEEP DOWN that if any woman you're with ever decides to leave, you can turn around and start meeting women. Go over it in your mind until you can think about it without having any negative emotions triggered. and it's kind of funny to watch and listen to them.

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