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Huckers Bow Car Park Situated in Collum Lane, Sand Bay. Tonbridge – Hayesden From the bottom of Quarry Hill, go west at first roundabout and proceed along Brook Street past the college.

Head towards Woodspring priory then turn at the end of the road towards the farm. Take a right turn towards the Haysden Country Park.

Studying impacts and their effects is a very active field at the crossroads of many scientific disciplines, from mineralogy to environmental science.

This issue will focus on the mineralogical, geochemical, and petrological aspects of terrestrial impact structures, and in particular on the latest developments in the relevant fields.

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Bournville Rowheath Park, The entrance is off Oakfarm road.Impact processes are central to the formation and evolution of the Solar System and the modification of planetary surfaces.On Earth, asteroid impacts played a critical role during Earth history; they delivered the constituents of our planet, were responsible for the formation of major ore deposits, and affected life on Earth.Go past the entrance and immediately after passing under the A21 fly-over bridge, turn right into a small, discreet car-park.RAF Chicksands, off the A600 Bedford to Shefford road.

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