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4 Buckingham Place, a stone’s throw from where the Queen lived.

Jackie sought refuge in England from the press and here she is seen leaving for lunch with Queen Elizabeth – ironically with the press in hot pursuit.

The Radziwills’ other house in the country afforded the family more privacy.

Both houses were decorated by Renzo Mongiardino who is considered by those in the business as one of the finest interior designers who ever lived.

The 90s were particularly cruel to Radziwill, when, first she lost her sister to cancer, and then her nephew John Kennedy and his wife died in a plane crash just three weeks before Radziwill’s son Anthony also succumbed to cancer.

And if that wasn’t enough, her marriage to director Herbert Ross ended in divorce shortly before he too died in 2001.

Pretty and ultra feminine with touches of pink and walls of toile, the homes seem almost simple compared to the Renzo Mongiardino masterpieces Radziwill once lived in.Caroline Lee Bouvier, here with her older sister Jacqueline Lee Bouvier.While Jackie looked exactly like her namesake and father John Vernou “Black Jack” Bouvier, III, her baby sister Lee resembled her mother Janet Norton Lee Bouvier Auchincloss.Radziwill has been quoted as saying she had Mongiardino at “his best.” Now deceased, Mongiardino’s influence can still be seen in work created by today’s designers.Rare pictures of the First Lady in London after she and her sister visited India.

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