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Four years younger than Jackie, Lee writes that she was attracted to the sea, while Jackie, the athletic one, was attracted to horses.They both attended boarding school and after Lee graduated, the two girls went off to Europe together, the first of many great adventures they would share.

She wrote a book, part-diary, part-scrapbook, called where she reminisces about all the wonderful, great family events – the vacations, the holidays – her family had shared.Both girls possess stunningly wide set eyes that are the basis for their great beauty.This month, Elle Decor magazine features the two cosmopolitan apartments of Lee Radziwill, baby sister to one of the world’s most famous woman, Jacqueline Onassis.4 Buckingham Place, a stone’s throw from where the Queen lived.Jackie sought refuge in England from the press and here she is seen leaving for lunch with Queen Elizabeth – ironically with the press in hot pursuit.

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    He also participated in ROTC at CCNY and received a commission as an Army second lieutenant upon graduation in June 1958.