Dating kiss

I have thrown out more conversation closers than I ever knew existed.

e Harmony James wants to know why I've gone radio silent.

I am backed so far into my seat, I'm pretty sure there's going to be a permanent indentation.

There is darting tongue action, sloppy lip stuff, hands around my neck in a decidedly not-hot way....

Have you ever really wanted to kiss your crush but your nerves got in the way?

If you have had a bad experience kissing someone in the past, it may have affected your confidence in kissing today.

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Don’t dart it around the mouth too quickly, instead move it calmly and smoothly.

So, if being a bad kisser isn’t a big dating problem, why all the fuss over how to kiss?

Well, confidence is sexy and being able to pucker up with pride is important; the more positive you feel about your kissing style, the more desirable you’ll feel.

If you date responds well to this then you could lean in for a kiss.

READ MORE: Master the art of flirting - How to read your date's body language Start the kiss delicately and gradually become more passionate depending on the reaction of your date.

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