Dating games speed dating

They are given the choice of one of three themed rooms at the start of the game. The conversations are quick, as the rules of speed dating mean the ghosts have a limited amount of time to get to know each other.

Ghosts may grow fond of or outright reject the player depending on the choices and comments the player makes over the course of each speed dating round. Ghosts have an odd idea of what's appropriate for a first date.

Since it will be a very action-filled night for both parties, try to refresh your introductory greeting with some light conversation before getting into the details. Use the long breaks or wait times to network and get to know other attendees like yourself.

This can help you to create a good impression and may be key to forming that connection and having a successful conversation with each prospective employer. Talking to fellow peers in the industry can help you to understand more about the market, the companies that they work for, and the technologies and platforms that they utilize.

Listen intently first, and then ask questions when you get the opportunity.

Try to see the larger picture — company goals and strategy also matter besides the stipulated job requirements and knowledge of the technologies and platforms the company works with.

Focus your resumé on your experience and accomplishments, highlighting the specific skill-sets that are being targeted at the Hacker X Event that you are attending.

A thank-you note is also an opportunity to clear up any moments in the initial conversation that didn’t go perfectly.

You can clarify an answer to a question that you feel you botched in person, or you can add more details about relevant experience or abilities that weren’t mentioned during the conversation or specifically highlighted on your resume.

Use it to relate to parts of your experience and explain how you can bring value to the role.

For example, if the company is moving to a public cloud, explain how your knowledge or experience can contribute to an effective execution of such a cloud migration process.

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