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Individuals with this personality are excessively dramatic and are often viewed by the public as the “Queen of drama” type of individual.

They are often sexually seductive and highly manipulative in relationships.

The “Personality Disorder” has been around for many years.

For several centuries, professionals working with all types of people recognized that some individuals clearly thought and acted differently — without “normal” feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and interactions. Pritchard suggested the term “moral insanity” to reflect the fact that these individuals were not insane by the standards of the day, yet had significant differences in their behavior, attitudes, ethics, morality, emotional expressions, and reactions to situations.

(Source: Try Online Counseling: Get Personally Matched In considering individuals who create the most damage to social and personal relationships, the abusers, manipulators, “players”, controllers, and losers are found in Cluster B.

For this reason, this article will focus on the behaviors associated with Cluster B personality disorders.

The Antisocial Personality ranges from individuals who are chronically irresponsible, unsupportive, con artists to those who have total disregard for the rights of others and commit criminal acts with no remorse, including those involving the death of victims.

In clinical practice, the Antisocial Personality has near-total selfishness and typically has a pattern of legal problems, lying and deception, physical assault and intimidation, no regard for the safety of others, unwillingness to meet normal standards for work/support/parenting, and no remorse.

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A pervasive pattern of excessive emotional display and attention-seeking.Others discover they are working with a Personality Disorder as a co-worker, supervisor, or supervisee.A smaller group finds they are victims of the severe behavior of a Personality Disorder and have been assaulted, robbed, traumatized, or manipulated.A pervasive preoccupation with admiration, entitlement, and egotism.Individuals with this personality exaggerate their accomplishments/talents, have a sense of entitlement, lack empathy or concern for others, are preoccupied with envy and jealousy, and have an arrogant attitude.

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