Dating a widow feelings of being secondary

Smith worked as a legal secretary when she drew up the bogus document in her office so she and a son from an earlier relationship were left everything.

After her husband's death in November 2012, she initially told his family she didn't believe he had a last will and testament.

The Teesside Crown Court judge said: "It is of concern to the court that this lady, in the circumstances of this case, should have become pregnant.

"There must be a suspicion, to put it no higher, that she has deliberately become pregnant in order to gain an advantage in the sentencing process." Dawn Smith with her new Turkish husband, a waiter in the resort of Marmaris Defence barrister Caroline Goodwin told the court that the pregnancy was unplanned and was a surprise to Smith and her new husband - a Turkish waiter.

A partner at the Darlington law firm Hewitt's were suspicious that the women were overlooked and Smith's son was included, and staff examined the document.

"I always believed my dad would provide something for his grandchildren as he loved them so much.

He told Smith: "It was too late for them to be able to discover the truth of his feelings for them and in so doing, you turned their world upside down.

"What you did revealed you to be manipulative and deceitful, selfish and callous." He said she abused her position of trust by using knowledge she gleaned as a solicitor's secretary at a firm where her late husband was a client.

Statement read outside court by Mr Smith's daughters, Karen Harwood (left) and Zoe Traherne "Through the actions of Dawn Smith, or Baydan, my father’s last wishes and intentions have been lost forever and will never be truly known.

Promises that he made to us, his family, have been overturned by her."Dawn Smith’s criminal activities have caused great pain and upset to me and my family.

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